Josh Smith - Eric Webber - Owners of Wayfarer's Overland

Josh and Eric started out doing importing/exporting on their own, Josh as JS Auto and Eric working for Feast Auto until 2011 when their paths crossed and a friendship was formed. With a combined 25 years of experience importing/exporting vehicles from Japan it felt only natural for Josh and Eric to combine their talents to provide customers the best possible buying experience.

They've always had a strong passion for Toyota's and Toyota trucks in particular and over the last few years the business has shifted more that direction. Several full builds and other fun projects got things brewing in their heads about the possibility of a place where people can come to buy or equip their vehicles for overland  travel and exploration. That's where Wayfarer's began.

Wayfarer's Overland

Whether you're a weekend warrior, camping at a local lake or someone who's in for a long haul trip to South America, look no further then Wayfarer's for a vehicle that is up to the task.