The backstory

Around Christmas 2012 I was in the middle of a total rebuild/dismantle of 2 trucks. I was taking a mint condition blown motor, automatic 4Runner and combining it with a rust bucket 5speed truck. The wiring had been hacked on the mint truck but it had a sizeable lift and brand new 35" tires. In 3 weeks I was able to rebuild the engine, rewire the truck, convert it to 5spd and swap interiors. I was really proud of myself and the results looked amazing.

A fresh start

After enjoying the 4Runner for several months the gas mileage was really hurting me. With lots of prior experience into Toyota diesels now, I thought I should replace the truck with a 1KZ Surf. So I sold the black truck and sourced a 1995 Hilux Surf, fully loaded with the Recaro interior and a sunroof. Over the next few months after its arrival I would turn the truck into one of the most badass Surf's in North America.

Saying goodbye

Near the end of 2013 I had decided that I would have to make some radical changes to the front suspension of the Surf to justify continuing to take it off road. As I started to weigh out the options, it didn't seem to make sense. I decided my best bet was to sell it to buy a Landcruiser. It was hard to say goodbye to this truck. I wish I could have kept it. I'll never forget the smile on the new owners face as he drove away and I can only hope that he has taken as good of care of it as I had. See you around buddy.