In the beginning...

One truck we've been working on for years belongs to a great friend of ours, Sam Peacock. Sam originally purchased his vehicle through us over 3 years ago. Sam's truck is a 1991 Toyota Hilux SSR (LN106). It's a 4 door/quad cab with the 2.8L non turbo engine, 5 speed gearbox and solid front axle. We added a Rough Country lift, flares, snorkel, some tasteful 3 piece 15"x10" wheels and we custom fit a Landcruiser ECB bumper to the front. After that was all done the truck was fully painted.

The rebuild

Sam has had plenty of great use out of his truck, as an avid fisherman he's logged over 100,000km off road in the last 4 years searching for the perfect fishing spots. Having entirely rebuilt the engine in 2012, the only thing needing attention was the suspension. It was time to replace the worn out and sagging leafs. Sam decided to go with the proven Trail-Gear 5" lift kit and to re-gear his truck from 4.10 to 4.56 ratio's with a high pinion front differential. The end product looks and performs amazing. Sam will be able to get many more years out of this beast!

To be continued...?

With version 2 of the truck completed now, Sam is good to go for many years to come. Still he has plans to improve the truck with Hilux Surf turbo setup, 35" tires and some proper locking differentials. We look forward to seeing this truck progress into the ultimate LN106!